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If you have a yoga lover in your life, they’ll likely appreciate a thoughtful yoga gift that supports their personal practice, be it in the studio, at home, or anywhere in between. But unless you’re a regular on the mat yourself, you may want some guidance on choosing the very unique yoga presents worth giving.

As Maine-based yoga teacher Katherine Englishman says, it’s less about the gear itself, and more about what helps them find and stay in their flow best. “These [gifts] are there to support you, so you can be present in the moment when you’re practicing,” she says. To help you find the perfect gift that’ll enhance their time on the mat and not distract them, we spoke with Englishman and others on the gifts they’d like to receive. Ahead, find a curated list of yoga gifts that are sure to please new and longtime yoga lovers alike.

What to look for in the best yoga gifts

If you’re on a mission to find the perfect gift for your yoga-loving friends and family, consider the following:

Ability and experience

Think about where your friend is at in their yoga journey. If they’re a beginner, stuff like yoga blocks or a handy strap can be a game-changer. Rebekah Cloud, RYT 200, MS, CCC-SLP, a yoga teacher and aerialist, adds that they can be especially beneficial for people with disabilities, too. “Props are everything because they allow you to get the best benefit out of the pose if you’re not able to execute it like the person that you see in class,” she says and points to AmeriDisability as a resource for more inspiration for adaptive yoga equipment.

Preferred yoga type

As you shop, you’ll also want to consider they’re preferred yoga type—whether it’s hot yoga, restorative yoga, or otherwise. “What style of asana do they practice?” says Bethany Lyons, founder of Lyons Den Power Yoga and Lyons Den Digital. “If they practice a gentle, slow flow or Kundalini yoga, the needs in clothing, gear, and props will be different than a student who practices Ashtanga or hot power yoga.”


Finally, it’s also helpful to think about what they might need. “Taking a look at the person and seeing what could benefit them makes the most thoughtful gift,” says Englishman. “For instance, if your dad, who practices yoga at home, has an old gym mat that’s worn out or curling up at the edge, then a yoga mat would be a great gift for him.” Some items, like comfy clothes and a towel for cleaning up sweat, are non-negotiables and therefore make excellent presents.

With all this in mind, here’s a list of 36 gift ideas recommended by over a dozen yoga teachers and the Well+Good team.

Shop the best yoga gifts

Best yoga mats

Gaiam Beginner’s Yoga Starter Kit Set

If your loved one has talked about wanting to start a yoga practice, give them this beginner’s kit from Gaiam. “It’s a simple set with the most helpful props for someone getting started,” says yoga teacher and meditation instructor Joanna Rajendran. The kit comes with everything a newbie needs for daily practice: a non-slip yoga mat (available in three different colors), a six-foot strap, and a block. As a bonus, it’s affordable at under $32.

Available colors: 3

Lululemon The Reversible Mat 5mm

Originally $84, now $49

If their mat needs an upgrade, you can’t go wrong with this Lululemon pick. “It’s a top choice among yoga lovers,” says Ashley Iwanicki, founder of yoga studio The Collective Studios in New Hampshire. The mat comes in two colors, and it features antimicrobial additives that help prevent mold and mildew from breeding on the surface. Plus, the mat is reversible.“The rubberized side keeps you firmly planted during sweaty, hot Vinyasa classes, while the cushioned, natural rubber side is ideal for gentler forms of yoga, like yin or restorative,” says Iwanicki.

She suggests pairing the mat with the brand’s Loop It Up Mat Strap ($24) for ease of transport in and out of the studio.

Available colors: 1

This yoga mat comes with the recommendation of both Englishman and Tara Zinnamon, PhD, LA-based neuroscientist yoga teacher. “Jade Yoga’s Harmony Yoga Mat is lightweight and has great grip, but most importantly it’s eco-friendly,” says Dr. Zinnamon. “Its mats are made from natural rubber, which is a renewable and sustainable resource.” What’s more? The company also plants a tree for every mat sold.

Available colors: 14

Available sizes: 68” x 24” and 74” x 24”

Manduka eKO Yoga Mat 5mm

According to Kiera Missanelli, a yoga teacher at Yoga Garden in Philadelphia,  the Manduka eKO Yoga Mat is “the best mat” to use. The yoga mat is made from all-natural tree rubber and features a sturdy non-slip surface to keep you steady on your hands and feet during practice. Better yet? It’s PVC-free and made without any “harmful plasticizers.” Englishman also recommends this mat for those looking for a quality option that will last years.

Available colors: 5

Available sizes: standard (71” x 24”) and long (79” x 24”)

Alo Yoga Warrior Mat

If you want a yoga mat with extra cushion, consider the Warrior Mat from Alo Yoga, which comes with the approval of co-founder of The Pilates Class Jacqui Kingswell, “I was a long-time user of the Alo mat and kept coming back to it because of its durability and grip,” she says. “In my practice, I spend a lot of time on my hands for specific full-body moves and if I were to slide around the mat that would compromise the workout as well as potentially injure me. The Alo mats are very high quality, making them distinguishable from others, and this is what kept me a loyal user of the mats for years and what continues to impress me about their mats.”

Available colors: 7

Available sizes: 74.4” x 26.4”

Liforme Original Liforme Yoga Mat

This Liforme yoga mat features alignment markers to keep users in proper form during practice, making it ideal for beginners and experienced yogis alike, says Cloud. It’s also a favorite of W+G Commerce Writer Danielle Calma, who loves it not only for its design but also for its non-slip surface. According to Calma, it keeps her hands and feet firmly in place, no matter how much she sweats—and she adds that she sweats buckets. As a bonus, it comes with a bag with an adjustable strap for easy transportation. 

Available colors: 9

Available sizes: 73 x 27

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