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With so many planets moving through Gemini at the start of the month, the new moon in Gemini on June 6 at 8:36 a.m. EDT feels extra potent. Over the next few weeks, there is a lot of activity in the Gemini sector of your birth chart, and this new moon delivers a preview of what’s to come.

Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and information, Gemini is all about learning, sharing news and knowledge, debating, and expanding your mind. New moons in Gemini typically coincide with the emergence of important conversations or experiencing a change of perspective. Your mind is more curious than normal and this is a great time to commit to learning something new.

This new moon is also a powerful opportunity to reconnect with the power of your voice and mind.

Gemini is a mutable sign, so under this new moon you may find that your interests vary. Perhaps a few different new storylines emerge in your personal life, and you have to decide which tether you’d like to prioritize first. This new moon may also require you to use your discernment to sort through an overload of information–what is factual and where are details being left out or obscured?

This new moon is also a powerful opportunity to reconnect with the power of your voice and mind. Educating yourself about what is going on in the world, beyond your immediate surroundings and comfort zone, can be a very productive use of this new moon. Your voice is a tool for transformation—how can you use it to make a difference in this world? On a personal level, you can also release limiting beliefs and choose to change the way you speak to yourself.

When is the new moon in Gemini?

The new moon in Gemini perfects at 8:36 a.m. EDT on June 6, 2024. Your new moon storyline will continue to unfold from June 10-12, when Mercury, the planet of information, traces over the point in the sky where the new moon took place. Pay attention to topics of conversations and ideas that strike you during this time period.

What is the astrological meaning of a new moon?

A new moon happens when the sun and the moon line up in the same zodiac sign, with the moon right between the Earth and the sun. The moon itself appears darkened in the night sky, barely visible beneath the Earth’s shadow.

This moon phase starts the monthly lunar cycle, which is why, in astrology, it symbolizes a time of releasing all that which has reached its expiration date in your life, and starting fresh. That’s why new moons are considered lucky periods for setting intentions and goals.

What can you expect from the new moon in Gemini in June 2024?

This year’s new moon in Gemini delivers a stop-and-go type of energy. As an air sign, Gemini is all about movement, forming ideas, and trying new things. At the time of the new moon, the sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter will all be in the sign of Gemini. And while typically this energy is lively, dynamic, and sparks forward movement and excitement, all of these planets will need to pass through a connection with stern and serious Saturn in Pisces.

The new moon will form a nearly exact square to Saturn in Pisces, which can unfortunately counteract or hinder Gemini’s exuberance and zest for life. This planetary connection can bring about delays, setbacks, disappointments, and require you to prioritize your responsibilities over your fun. All new moons deliver fresh starts, but this one may require sacrifice, commitment, and more planning than you had anticipated. Saturn also loves boundaries, and you may need to become clearer with your expectations in order to reach your goal.

All new moons deliver fresh starts, but this one may require sacrifice, commitment, and more planning than you had anticipated.

Because the sun is forming a harsh square aspect with Saturn, it will also bring you back to February 28, when the sun met with Saturn at the same place in the sky. Commitments and boundaries that you discussed around that time may come up for revision. At the same time, Venus, the planet of harmony and relationships, is separating from the sun where it formed a cazimi. (Cazimi is an Arabic word that describes a planet when it sits in “the heart of” the sun.) During cazimis, planets gain strength and power.

With Venus as the focus point in the cazimi, it naturally folds in topics related to your closest relationships, finances, and creativity. You may experience a turning point or revelation regarding one of those areas of your life. While you may feel creatively inspired or hopeful about a loving connection in your life, with Saturn’s influence, you know this new seed of possibility will require daily devotion and a plan of action moving forward.

As Gemini’s ruling planet, Mercury is in charge of this new moon, and it will be sitting “under the beams of the sun.” When a planet is in this position in the sky, it has the opposite effect of a cazimi—instead, that planet loses power and strength under the harsh rays of the sun. This may mean that there is more of an emphasis on hidden information or perhaps important conversations take place in secret. There is movement in our conversations, but not all of the information is available to us at this time.

To get a clearer picture of how this sobering energy will affect you, read on for your sun, moon, and rising signs. Then, pick up a unique self-care practice to help you move through this lunation with a little more steadiness.

What will the June 2024 new moon in Gemini bring for every zodiac sign?


aries zodiac sign
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Speak your mind unapologetically, Aries! The new moon activates your third house of communication, information, learning, and travel. You may share news that feels heavy or set boundaries that feel uncomfortable. If you’ve struggled with limiting beliefs, this new moon can help rewire the way you speak to yourself. You may also experience an exciting new idea during some sort of meditation session or spiritual practice.

Your new moon self-care practice: Keep a tally of the most common things you say to yourself in your head. (Whether it’s “I can’t do this,” or “I’m so bad at this,” or “you’ve got this.”) Whatever it may be, pay attention to how you speak to yourself and edit your internal messaging accordingly.


taurus moon zodiac sign
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You’d love to find a new way to support yourself, Taurus. The new moon lands in your second house of income, resources, and confidence. New job opportunities may present themselves, or perhaps you’re ready to go all-in on launching a side project or personal business. You may also decide to make an important investment—either time-wise or financially—in someone else’s vision or your own. A clash of beliefs could lead you to cut some people out of your life or find a new group of people who share similar interests and values as you do.

Your new moon self-care practice: Spoil yourself and don’t let a scarcity mindset deter you! Treat yourself to something you’ve had your eye on as a reward for how far you’ve come and how hard you’ve worked.


gemini zodiac sign moon
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You’re dusting off the past, Gemini. The new moon moves through your first house of self, identity, confidence, and new beginnings. While you may face some backlash from others, you’re ready to debut a new you to the world. You may also take on a new role or responsibility that affects your overall identity, like as a teacher, mentor, parent, or manager. Don’t let other people’s projections keep you small. You may also benefit from setting boundaries and protecting your free time so you can pursue new goals.

Your new moon self-care practice: Make a list of the goals you’ve wanted to pursue but have been too scared or intimidated to go after. Pick one and come up with an action plan over the next six months to help get you there. Remember: Small steps are still steps in the right direction.


cancer zodiac sign moon
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You’re holding yourself accountable, Cancer! The new moon activates your 12th house of closure, healing, solitude, and intuition. You may become more aware of your own limiting beliefs or self-sabotaging behaviors that are keeping you from experiencing more joy in your everyday life. This new moon invites you to accept and forgive who you’ve been so you can move forward in a new way. You may also move through a period of loss or grief as you close out a cycle and come to terms with new boundaries, responsibilities, and commitments. Your mind is strong and limitless; you’ve got this.

Your new moon self-care practice: Find the time daily to prioritize a spiritual practice. Spending time with your inner voice will hone your intuition, bring you more confidence in your own decision making, and help you surrender what you can’t control and trust in the power of the Universe.


leo zodiac sign
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Your contact list is growing, Leo. The new moon moves through your 11th house of allies, friendships, community, and your dreams for the future. A new important connection may enter your life, like a mentor or someone who can help support your next big vision. This is also the perfect time to brainstorm and get creative about your next steps. You may also become more protective of your time and resources in the process. You’re more conscious of the give and take in your relationships or of the financial cost required to make your dreams come true.

Your new moon self-care practice: Make a vision board! Once you decide what you’d like to achieve in the next six months, dedicate a vision board to that future version of your life. Focus on incorporating every aspect of your life–both big and small!


virgo zodiac sign moon
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You’re navigating some bumps in your close relationships, Virgo! The new moon lands in your 10th house of public life, career, accomplishment, and major milestones. You’re ready to show the world a new side of yourself and show up in a more authentic way, but this can also cause some tension with people in your life who are uncomfortable with change. It’s also possible a new work assignment or opportunity requires more of your time, and maybe a close relationship with a roommate or lover changes because of it. You’ll need to set clear expectations between your personal and professional lives moving forward.

Your new moon self-care practice: Celebrate yourself! Take yourself out to your favorite restaurant or dine in and binge your favorite show. Think of all you’ve accomplished over the past year and cheers to this fresh start as you go after your next goal!


libra zodiac sign moon
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Your future is looking bright, Libra. The new moon activates your ninth house of inspiration, travel, learning, and perspective. New discussions begin today that leave you feeling hopeful and encouraged to go after what you desire. You may also make a decision that alters your daily routines and requires serious commitment, like going back to school or agreeing to help out a family member a few days a week. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, this new moon invites you to sacrifice some of the responsibilities that have piled up on your plate to create space for you to live life to fullest.

Your new moon self-care practice: Pick a subject or skill and learn something new. Whether it’s picking up photography as a hobby or deciding you want to learn how to tattoo, feeding your mind in a new way will help you find more inspiration in your everyday life.


scorpio zodiac sign moon
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You’re craving more commitment in your romantic life, Scorpio. The new moon moves through your eighth house of vulnerability, psyche, fears, and shared resources. Even if you’re already in a committed relationship, this new moon helps you realize you want to reach a new level of intimacy with your lover. You might also make the decision to invest more of your time, energy, or money into a passion project. Conversations about shared finances and ongoing contracts are also up for revision. You could also revisit some of your past or emotions and find a creative outlet for processing what you’ve avoided.

Your new moon self-care practice: Engage in some inner child healing today. Whether it’s through a guided meditation to busting out some fingerpaints, you can heal and release a lot of stagnant energy from your past you’ve carried with you.


sagittarius zodiac sign moon
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Your personal relationships are evolving, Sagittarius. The new moon lands in your seventh house of one-on-one relationships and contracts. New people enter your life—whether it’s a new work contract that feels promising or hottie you met at the farmer’s market. You may also need to set boundaries in your close partnerships, with family, or roommates. Old relationship triggers or patterns that bring up feelings of insecurity may also play out, prompting you to make a change or leave a connection that’s run its course.

Your new moon self-care practice: Think about the five people you interact with most in your life. What is the give and take in each of those connections? Get real about what you pour into others and whether or not you’re receiving what you deserve in return.


capricorn zodiac sign moon
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When people want to get something done, Capricorn, they turn to you. The new moon activates your sixth house of daily routines, responsibilities, and well-being. You may take on a new project at work or an obligation in your personal life that requires some self-sacrifice, daily dedication, and to exert your boundaries more than normal. It’s possible you feel torn—like this new commitment is meaningful or can even contribute to your resume in an exciting way, but will also put a limit on your fun and free time. You may also learn some news that’s more serious today or begin a conversation that requires maturity and care.

Your new moon self-care practice: Make a list of your morning and evening routine and all of your habits. Think about your future self who has already achieved your current goals and dreams that you’re working toward. Cut out some of the habits that your future self wouldn’t entertain and rework your daily routine to set yourself up for success.


aquarius zodiac sign moon
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You’re feeling inspired, Aquarius. The new moon moves through your fifth house of pleasure, creativity, joy, and romance. Perhaps you finally break a streak of writer’s block or maybe you’re ready to put yourself back out into the dating world. Whatever it may be, you’re craving more passion in your everyday life. You may also become more aware of how your fun and leisurely activities also affect your budget or maybe you’re ready to commit some of your personal funds into a passion project. It could also be time to merge your work and your hobbies.

Your new moon self-care practice: Explore your physical pleasure. Whether it’s with yourself or someone you trust, get that oxytocin pumping through your body by sharing a steamy session with a lover. If sex isn’t a priority or interest, indulge in some of your other physical senses like ordering a delicious meal or spoiling yourself with a new perfume or scent you love.


pisces zodiac sign moon
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The past is pulling at you, Pisces, and you’re ready to let it all go. The new moon activates your fourth house of home, family, foundation, and the past. Emotions may run high as you recognize who in your personal life is rooting for you amid all of your growth and changes—and who still just doesn’t get it. You may need to set boundaries or limit spending time with people who want to keep you tethered to an old version of you. This may also bring a fresh start for your living situation, like making a decision to pick up and move or even just freshen up your space with houseplants and rearranging your furniture.

Your new moon self-care practice: Do a deep clean of your space. Scrubbing the inside of your refrigerator and the baseboards around your home will clean up your energetic space. In turn, you’ll feel more organized and supported as your space around you feels fresh and ready for a new beginning.

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